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تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue (2012) 480p HDTV x264 mkv / SoftSub / J-Drama دراما

TV Show: Perfect Blue Romaji: Pafekuto Buru Japanese: パーフェクト・ブルー Director: Writer: (novel), Network: Episodes: Release Date: October 8, 2012 -- Runtime: Mondays 20:00 Language: Japanese Country: Japan

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تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue

  • TV Show: Perfect Blue
  • Romaji: Pafekuto Buru
  • Japanese: パーフェクト・ブルー
  • Director: Akihiro Karaki
  • Writer: Miyuki Miyabe (novel), Junya Yamazaki
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: October 8, 2012 --
  • Runtime: Mondays 20:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan
تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue


A shriek echoes in a warehouse at the Wangan area and then the sound of flames. Hasumi Kayoko and her german shepherd Masa, stare at those flames. The pair have witnessed a heart-rending case in which human deeds and desires swirl about like flames … … Kayoko is the eldest daughter of the Hasumi family. An investigator at the Hasumi Detective Agency that her mother Kyoko runs, she works with her colleagues Kimizuka Nana, Miura Michiko, Nagashima Momoko and Ejima Ruriko, to help suffering women. On the other hand, she continues to obssess about her father’s mysterious death seven years ago. One day, Fujimi Sakiko, who is troubled by a stalker, comes to the agency with a request for them to investigate and protect her. And so, Kayoko and Masa accompany Sakiko on her morning jog. Along the way, they discover the blood-soaked body of a man as they approach a back alley from the main street. Kayoko confirms that there is no pulse and tries to report this to the police, but her mobile phone does not have any reception. Leaving Masa at the scene, she goes in search of a public phone with a terrified Sakiko. When the two of them return, the dead body has suddenly disappeared and Masa is lying on the ground. Even if the body had been carried away, it would not have been easy to knock out a former police dog like Masa. Furthermore, Kayoko and Sakiko are summoned by the police to identify the man who should have been dead, Inami Takashi. Kayoko cannot make sense of the situation, but Takashi says he had faked the death of his missing older brother, Hiroshi, to save him from an organised crime syndicate that is in pursuit. Meanwhile Kayoko gets information from Shiina Yusuke, the owner of the bar that the members of Hasumi Detective Agency frequent. She sets out to investigate in order expose the real nature of the man who knocked out Masa and gets close to a big lie. With that as a start, Kayoko draws near to the truth of the death of her father which was considered a suicide.

Takimoto Miori as Hasumi Kayoko
An investigator at Hasumi Detective Agency and the eldest daughter of the agency’s director Hasuki Kyoko. Wanting to help her mother who has been pursuing the truth of her father’s suicide seven years ago, she started working at the agency. She hates lies and secrets, and has a strong sense of justice. Because of that, she develops a strong emotional attachment to clients and would tend to investigate more than requested despite chiding by her mother. She always looks into cases with Masa. As she follows them, she gets close to the truth of her father’s death.

Hirayama Aya as Kimizuka Nana
An investigator with Hasumi Detective Agency. A cool, quiet person. She is adept at languages and excellent at analysing situations. But she is for some reason the only one that Masa is not close to.

Funakoshi Eiichiro as Masa
A former police dog that is now the Hasumis pet dog. The bodyguard for Hasumi Detective Agency. He understands human words but cannot speak. He is always observing people and cases with a cool, tough demeanour.

Terawaki Yasufumi as Shiina Yusuke
The owner of La Cina, the bar near Hasumi Detective Agency. He is friendly with the investigators and trusted by them. He has a gentle manner of speaking, but once in a while, he shows a glimpse of his past with his information gathering capability. However, he is shrouded in mystery.

Zaizen Naomi as Hasumi Kyoko
Hasumi Kayoko’s mother. The director of Hasumi Detective Agency. The office was originally set up by her father, but because she wanted to help women, she took over. Her husband committed suicide seven years ago and she continues to seek the truth of his death. That seems to be the reason she is not only a detective but has also been increasing her exposure to the public as a TV commentator.

تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue

تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue


  1. PrBl.E01.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (377,84 MB) - uploaded.to
  2. PrBl.E02.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (455,95 MB) - uploaded.to
  3. PrBl.E03.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (479,20 MB) - uploaded.to
  4. PrBl.E04.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (371,62 MB) - uploaded.to
  5. PrBl.E05.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (375,30 MB) - uploaded.to
  6. PrBl.E06.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (327,99 MB) - uploaded.to
  7. PrBl.E07.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (307,88 MB) - uploaded.to
  8. PrBl.E08.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (370,20 MB) - uploaded.to
  9. PrBl.E09.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (382,67 MB) - uploaded.to
  10. PrBl.E10.StrongKingDL.blogs…mkv (350,39 MB) - uploaded.to
  11. PrBl.E11F.StrongKingDL.blog…mkv (423,53 MB) - uploaded.to


تحميل المسلسل [OTHER] Perfect Blue

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