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العاب الجوال العاب للخلوي للتلفون العاب نوكيا العابو سوني العاب ابل العاب موتورولا العاب سامسونج

العبة الحرب الرهييييييبة Brothers.In.Arms.3D.v1.0.0

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته أقدم لكم اللعبة Brothers.In.Arms.3D Taking command isn't easy. Taking the consequences is even harder. Throughout the game's 5 missions, you'll get

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brothersinarms3dv, الدرب, الرهييييييبة, العبة

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

أقدم لكم اللعبة

العبة الحرب الرهييييييبة Brothers.In.Arms.3D.v1.0.0

Taking command isn't easy. Taking the consequences is even harder.

Throughout the game's 5 missions, you'll get the chance to show off all of your military talents and your expert command of weapons. You'll have to master the rifle, the grenade launcher, the Thompson machine gun, and even grenades to blow your enemies away. With the bazooka, you'll shoot buildings where Nazis are hidden and wreak massive destruction with impressive realism.

You'll have to be able to steer the famous M-4 Sherman and engage the legendary Rommel's Panzers in battle. Shake things up inside the enemy lines by firing off powerful shells at German bunkers, Panzers, armored trains and buildings... or by crushing your opponents! Master the legendary Jeep and force the enemies out so that the soldier wielding the machine gun can eliminate them. Moreover, once you will have defeated German troops on the game's "easy" setting, you will have the possibility to tackle the "hard" or "veteran" difficulty levels for additional challenge.

In Brothers In Arms: Earned in Blood™3D, you'll maneuver through a fully-3D world with amazing sequences with planes hedge-hopping, buildings exploding and stronghold attacks that will allow you to dive right into the intensity of the most gruesome battles of WWII. For example, you'll discover the small traditional Norman village and its German s lying in ambush in the bell-tower and endure air raids and constant bombardment. The third-person view over-the- shoulder and camera-shakes bring a gripping atmosphere to the game and guarantee total immersion worthy of the best Hollywood blockbusters!

Immediate pick-up-and-play combined with highly intuitive gameplay will make you feel like you're right in the middle of WWII, with you and your brothers in arms ready to crush the Nazi troops.


The 3D mobile version of the blockbuster game for consoles & PC
A game already hailed by critics: "This is a console-quality game running on a cellphone." - IGN
The atmosphere of a real Hollywood WWII blockbuster: crashing planes, tanks destroying buildings, stronghold attacks... take part in large-scale battles!
Unbelievably realistic 3D graphics: incredibly detailed environments, highly believable characters, cinematic camerawork and amazing animations
Pilot a jeep or a Sherman tank, and use a wide range of weapons (bazooka, rifle, grenades, etc.)


Symbian OS9 (240x320) phones

العبة الحرب الرهييييييبة Brothers.In.Arms.3D.v1.0.0

شرح التحميل

العبة الحرب الرهييييييبة Brothers.In.Arms.3D.v1.0.0

العبة الحرب الرهييييييبة Brothers.In.Arms.3D.v1.0.0

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